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Income generated by our beautiful glamping pods will help to sustain the sanctuary and feed & care for all who live here

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Photo by Jacob Murray
Photo by Jacob Murray

Lotus Heart Sanctuary

The aim at Lotus Heart Sanctuary is to foster a strong community of people who love and respect our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants – an engaged community who will unite, stand together and speak out for social justice.

At Lotus there is no interest in trends, fads or examining dietary choices, the only interest is to advocate a complete compassionate lifestyle that will benefit our planet, human & non-human animals, and bring an end to all oppression.

Please use the Lotus Resource section to learn how to adopt and maintain such a lifestyle.

Animal Free/Plant-based Non-Profit Shop

The Lotus Clothing & Merch store sells everything you need to communicate your message of peace, plant-based lifestyle, human & non-human rights, environmental issues & world hunger.
We sell everything from gym & fitness gear to t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, tote bags, coasters, key rings, clocks and greeting cards.
If there’s something in particular you would like custom made, let us know and we will endeavour to meet your wishes.
All our products are ethically sourced, printed in vegan ink & 100% NOT-FOR-PROFIT – all profits donated to Lotus Animal Sanctuary

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Lotus Heart Sanctuary

2010 – Lotus vision was born

2015 – Bohemian Hippy evolved and launched

2016 – Prince the son of a dairy cow was saved from slaughter – following that first rescue we continued to save countless other animals

2017 –  Lotus campaign launched in January

2017 – 2019 – animal rescues, transportation, rehoming, advocacy, talks, activism, stalls, fundraising and searching for land

2020 – Lotus Heart Sanctuary became a reality on the Isle of Skye – a place for human & non-human animals to come together as one in peace & harmony

2021 – Lotus Heart Sanctuary & Lotus Camping Pods finally welcomed the animals to their new home and guests to our pods.

2022 – The inspiration behind Lotus Heart Sanctuary was Zen Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay). Dearest Thay transitioned onto his next journey on 22/01/2022 –  A Deep Bow in love and gratitude to dear Thay for giving us his life of love, peace, compassion and the most valuable teachings delivered in our time – #ACloudNeverDies

Want to help?

If Lotus Heart Sanctuary has won your heart and you want to get involved, please contact us.

Donating money isn’t the only way to help – support can be offered in a variety of ways. You can share posts & blogs, buy products from our online shop, fundraise, offer your time, your expertise and specialist skills or equipment; there are so many things you can do – we made a list which might help to inspire you If you want to get involved, email us today



We want to thank every single person who has supported our work, believed in us, supported the animals, donated, fundraised, volunteered, shared posts, signed petitions and got involved in any way at all – we would not be here without you!


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We share blogs on topics such as a plant-based lifestyle, animal free products, veganism, human & non-human rights, our environment, peace, world hunger, holistic therapies, mental health, spirituality, health & well-being, nutrition, fitness and anything that helps people to help themselves and other beings.
If you would like to write a guest blog for us to publish, please email with Guest Blog as the email subject










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Train Like A Plant Based Beast

When we launched Bohemian Hippy back in 2016 we put a lot of focus on vegan fitness, athletics and bodybuilding – this original and fully exclusive design was inspired by countless days in the gym lifting weights, building muscle and being fuelled by plants!

Vegan Recipes

Check out Viva Vegan Recipe Club for some great, Lotus-approved vegan-friendly recipes.