Our Vision & Focus

Our Vision

At Lotus Animal Sanctuary we will provide a safe space for a variety of non-human animals to come together and simply “be”!
The animal sanctuary will be a safe haven and forever home to animals in need of rescue, love, care and shelter.
The animals residing at Lotus will give all our visitors a real opportunity to interact with them; something our visitors may otherwise not have that opportunity to do. This is a really important step in helping to enlighten and change the perspective many people hold around certain species of animals.
The Lotus furry and feathered family will serve as a reminder of the sentience and emotional capacity of each and every animal – a far cry from the packaged & barcoded supermarket “products” they become.
Through meeting the animals, adults and children alike will be able to clearly identify that these species have exactly the same needs, emotions and behaviours that they see and feel from the companion animals; many of them will share their homes with.
Regardless of species, all animals have exactly the same strong desire to live their lives ! These animals have the ability to give and receive love, the desire to be with family and friends, the ability to grief and be sad, to feel pain and terror, to experience pleasure & happiness, to play and be mischievous – they are non-human animals just like our cats and dogs, and we are human animals – we are all earthlings who are interconnected and all existing on planet earth – we are one!
Always remember only difference between species is human perception.

Our Focus

A big focus for Lotus Animal Sanctuary has always been on cows/cattle.
There was a requirement for a sanctuary in Scotland who would provide a forever home for cows. Some Scottish sanctuaries would take highlanders, but none would take other breeds; so all the cows rescued by Lotus had to make the long journey south to sanctuaries in England. Prince was the exception to the rule as he stayed here in Scotland on private land where Bodhi and Tara later joined him – but all others went down south.

We will of course always welcome all species, but we want to make sure that Lotus will always have space and an open door for cattle in Scotland.
A purpose built cattle shed has been erected to specifically cater to the needs of these large and beautiful animals.

Ultimately, everything comes down to perception – and this sanctuary will exist to challenge and rebuild the way we’ve been conditioned to view ceratin animals, alongside providing cohesive and important information about animal rights, the huge impact animal agriculture has on world hunger, our environment, and how to successfully go about leading a compassionate, healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle.