Mindfulness & Meditation


We seem to hear about mindfulness everywhere we go now. However, it dates back over 2,600 years ago to the time of the Buddha. Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh has been instrumental in bringing it to the west in recent times and he is known as the Father of Mindfulness. So what is mindfulness? Simply…it is purposely bringing awareness and attention to every moment and experience we live through in our daily lives. By truly focusing on the breath, or on the tea we are drinking, the car we are driving, the steps we are walking, the idea is to cultivate attention to the breath or task at hand and live fully in the present moment. In doing this it helps us to deal with both physical and emotional pain. Sessions last approximately 45-60 minutes.

  • Mindfulness
  • 45-60 minutes


Meditation is one of the most important practices we can learn to incorporate into our daily routine like cleaning our teeth or eating our food. Meditation helps to reduce stress and therefore promotes health & wellbeing physically, mentally and spiritually.
We can all meditate…each and every one of us – it’s not difficult it just takes a bit of patience. We have to learn what to do and then train our mind in mediation – we would not expect to get a six-pack without training at the gym, learn to play a musical instrument without putting in the practice, speak a new language without going to night school – training the mind is exactly the same – we have to learn and put in the time. The amazing benefits of meditation have been proven by some of the top medical researchers in the world including Harvard. We can cater meditation sessions to suit the individual depending on their own preference and experience etc.

Meditation can be done on a one-one basis or in a group setting.