Lotus Clothing & Merch

The Lotus store sells not-for-profit ethically sourced clothing and merchandise printed in full plant-based ink.

100% of profits are donated to Lotus Animal Sanctuary – every penny you spend helps us to rescue,
transport and care for the residents at Lotus

Our clothing & merchandise not only raises money for animals, but raises awareness for a plethora of world issues.

The store sells everything you need to communicate your beliefs and values, from everyday gym and fitness wear, t-shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise like coasters, tote bags, mugs, key rings and greeting cards etc.

If there’s something in particular you would like created, please email us and we will endeavour to meet your wishes.

Lotus believes in healthy bodies, healthy lives, a healthy world for all beings, and spreading important messages.

Lotus Clothing & Merch has been created with love and care because we know only too well that the world is full of loving and compassionate people who want to be the change and carry positive messages with them wherever they go.

Our messages are strong, clear and positive. Lotus hopes that when these messages appear on clothing and merchandise they will inspire, motivate and make people think about living an ethically conscious lifestyle. So our clothing & merch raises awareness