Animal Sanctuary

Our Vision

At Lotus Animal Sanctuary we will provide a space for human & non-human animals to come together and simply “be”!
The animal sanctuary will be a safe haven and forever home to animals in need of love, care and shelter.
The animals simply residing and “being” at Lotus, will give all our visitors a real opportunity to interact with them; which is something they may not otherwise not have that opportunity to do. This is a hugely important step in helping to enlighten and change the perspective many people hold around certain species of animals.
The Lotus furry and feathered family will serve as a reminder of the sentience and emotional capacity of each and every animal – a far cry from the packaged & barcoded supermarket “products” they become.
Through meeting the animals, adults and children alike will be able to clearly identify that these species have exactly the same needs, emotions and behaviours that they see and feel from the companion animals many of them share their homes with; exactly the same ability to give and receive love, the desire to live, be with family and play – the ability to give and receive love, to grief and be sad, to feel pain and terror, to be happy and to play, the strong desire to live their lives, and to be with family and friends – they are mammals just as we are and our cats, dogs and horses.
The only difference between a dog and a cow, a pig and a cat, a horse and a turkey is human perception.

Our Focus

A big focus for Lotus Animal Sanctuary will be on cattle as no other sanctuary in Scotland currently homes them (other than highland cattle). We will of course always welcome all species, but we want to make sure that Lotus will always have space and an open door for cattle in Scotland. A purpose built cattle shed will be erected to specifically cater to the needs of these large animals.

Ultimately, everything comes down to perception – and this sanctuary will exist to challenge and rebuild the way we’ve been conditioned to view animals, alongside providing cohesive and important information about animal rights, the huge impact animal agriculture has on world hunger, our environment, and how to successfully go about leading a compassionate, healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle.

Prince’s Story

In Autumn 2016, Lotus made the first of what would become many rescue’s; meet Prince!
At the time of meeting him he was just 18 months old; the son of a dairy cow it was quite amazing he had not already been killed. This is because boys are of no use in the dairy industry because they cannot produce milk, and because Friesians are naturally thin, they’re rarely kept to fatten up for market.
When Prince was born, he was taken from his mother and denied the milk her body had produced for him – simply so that her milk could be expressed from her and sold for human consumption.

We also have little Bodhi in our family; he was also born into the dairy industry and was awaiting death – we rescued him when he was just a few days old.
Both these boys are absolutely adorable! Prince is cheeky and has a huge mischievous personality. Bodhi is soft and gentle and always looking for hugs and cuddles. Apart from size, neither of them are any different from their smaller but older brother; Jack Russell Nipper! So much so, Prince & Nipper came together back in 2016 to create our best-selling design – “The Only Difference is Your Perception “
They also have joint social media and have done a truly amazing job at raising awareness for all species and helping people to make the connection


All support is very much appreciated – please help us to help them

Get Involved

If Lotus Animal Sanctuary has won your heart and you think you can help by donating something other than money, for example your time, your expertise, specialist skills or equipment, we’d love to hear from you! Email

There are so very many things you could do –

Fundraising ideas

There are so very many things you could do –

  • Wash cars
  • Organise charity pot weekends at Lush
  • Auction
  • Ebay sale
  • Club night
  • Gig
  • Festival
  • Talent completion
  • Donate art/music
  • Design clothing and merch for our website
  • Donate products for us to sell
  • Abseil
    • Skydive
    • Sponsored sporting event
    • Bring and buy
    • Home bake sale
    • Coffee morning
    • Yoga class
    • Fasting
    • Face painting competition
    • Darts match
    • Snooker game
    • Dress down day at work
    • Football/5-a-side football
      • Meditation
      • Tug of war
      • Sponsored silence
      • Hill walk
      • Three peaks challenge
      • Bungee jump
      • Dinner party
      • Film showing
      • Therapies
      • Pamper
      • Zumba

The list of fundraising ideas could be endless – there are so many things we could do

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