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All support is very much appreciated – please help us to help them

Get Involved

If Lotus Animal Sanctuary has won your heart and you think you can help by donating something other than money, for example your time, your expertise, specialist skills or equipment, we’d love to hear from you! Email

There are so very many things you could do –

Fundraising ideas

There are so very many things you could do –

  • Wash cars
  • Organise charity pot weekends at Lush
  • Auction
  • Ebay sale
  • Club night
  • Gig
  • Festival
  • Talent completion
  • Donate art/music
  • Design clothing and merch for our website
  • Donate products for us to sell
  • Abseil
    • Skydive
    • Sponsored sporting event
    • Bring and buy
    • Home bake sale
    • Coffee morning
    • Yoga class
    • Fasting
    • Face painting competition
    • Darts match
    • Snooker game
    • Dress down day at work
    • Football/5-a-side football
      • Meditation
      • Tug of war
      • Sponsored silence
      • Hill walk
      • Three peaks challenge
      • Bungee jump
      • Dinner party
      • Film showing
      • Therapies
      • Pamper
      • Zumba

The list of fundraising ideas could be endless – there are so many things we could do

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