Meet The Animals


Nipper is the senior in our furry family – he’s almost 14. I always refer to him as a doggy in angel clothing – he’s always been very connected and aware around spirituality and will sit daily on a meditation cushion/mat. He has tons of character and mischief within him.
He’s named after the famous Jack Russell who sits at the gramophone listening to “His Masters Voice” – it’s all about the music not the bite; Nipper wouldn’t chase mice in the cowshed, he’d bow down before them offering a namaste!

Since 2015 Nipper has attended countless activism events around Scotland – helping to raise awareness of speciesism.
He has joint social media with Prince, and his beautiful face makes up one half of our 2016 iconic design “The Only Difference is Your Perception”.


Prince is the biggest member of our Lotus family –
in fact that is a huge understatement, Prince isn’t big, he is
enormous – at only aged 7 he’s starting to resemble an
elephant who thinks he’s a horse…one of his favourite pastimes is jumping fences! He’s a very talented young boy!

He is full of character, and has the biggest personality imaginable – he used to love to play hide & seek with anything you may leave lying around, and used to be very cheeky, mischievous & very adventurous. However these days he’s more wise, more Zen, more Yoda. He takes such good care of all our newcomers to the sanctuary, he knows he’s lord of the manor, but in a very humble manner – we all practice humility at Lotus.


Little Bodhi joined our Lotus family in Spring 2019.
Like Prince he was also the son of a dairy cow who was born into the dairy industry.
There was no intention to have Bodhi fattened up for meat like Prince; as a baby he was awaiting his death – we rescued him when he was just a few days old. He was an absolutely adorable, he was so meek, soft and gentle and was always looking for hugs and cuddles. Since he didn’t have his Mum or his own herd, the love of his life was a little lamb called Tara.

Sadly Bodhi passed away on January 5th 2020: he was just 9 months old.

Please read his story here and share where you can to raise awareness of speciesism and to help his billions of brothers and sisters around the world.

Bodhi was loved so dearly by all who met him, sleep tight little one – run free in your flowery meadow until the next time!


Tara was also born in Spring 2019 – her and Bodhi have been inseparable since they met when they were both young babies.

Tara was rejected by her Mum – she wasn’t doing well out in the field by herself. Her and Bodhi were both weak and lonely without the love and protection of their mothers. However, they comforted and cared for each other and as a result an amazing bond has grown between this beautiful pair. She is such a gorgeous girl, she just wants to eat 24/7 – her head is always down, her jaws are always going and she’s always on the lookout for food.


Alfie is a Jack Russell; he  was 7.5 years of age when he was handed over to be re-homed. I learned in November 2019 that he was being given up just after Christmas/New Year, and I immediately said I would give him a home…so although he was leaving one home, he was dearly wanted in another! He joined the Lotus family in February 2020.

Alfie had issues with PTSD, anxiety & aggression; unfortunately mainly with Nipper! Alfie really isn’t a fan of living with a canine companion although he’s great with dogs outside, but not in his house. Luckily Nipper is very patient and chilled with Alfie!

As with humans, I believe behaviour like this in dogs also stems from their past experiences.  Alfie displayed clear signs and symptoms of canine PTSD and he had set triggers which I took the time to observe, learn and recognise.

Like a human who has been through a traumatic time in life and has PTSD, Alfie just needed time, patience, love, care, compassion and understanding; he needed me to recognise his triggers and protect him from them until he felt a bit more settled and able to cope around some of them! He has a huge crate which he loves, it is his den, his safe space…I refer to it as his crib (slang for a house), because to Alfie that’s exactly what it is!

He’s a brilliant little boy and he’s loved so much by his entire family – love, patience and time has almost conquered all his issues.


Dallas is a Hereford bullock. He came to Lotus when he was just a few months old from a small holding where he was no longer able to stay. He was not keen on any human interaction at all, and it took almost a year to start to gain his trust. Now he is keen to be hand fed with fruit and veg, he loves all his food treats, and he is so funny the way he always sticks his head in the air nosing for treats. He is also allowing me to start to groom him. He is very gentle, and due to that gentle nature, he can sometimes find it difficult to push into feeding areas, but he’s getting there. He is a very handsome lad. He is named in memory of a late dear friend Mr Bob Dallas!


Chester is a Hereford bullock. He came to Lotus when he was just a few months old from the same small holding Dallas came from.  Like Dallas Chester was not keen on any human interaction at all, and it took about 9 months to start to gain his trust too. However where Dallas felt more timorous, I sensed a bit more of an aggressive side to Chester. However with time he came to realise I was only there to love him, and now he’s calm and gentle around me.  He will now take food treats from my hand, but he’s still that little bit cautious. He allows me to scratch him and groom him briefly. Chester is also a very handsome boy. He is named in memory of a late friend  who was a connection via the adorable Bob Dallas!