Prince’s Story

Prince’s Story

In Autumn 2016, Lotus made the first of what would become many animal rescue’s! Meet the adorable Prince – with this boy is where it all truly began
Prince is the son of a dairy cow, he is a Holstein Friesian, and although he was only 17 months old when we met him, that is actually a ripe old age for a male Friesian to live to ! Because boys cannot produce milk, they are surplus to requirements in the dairy industry and so they are either shot when they are days old, or they are shipped off for veal production, it’s not often they are kept for meat as Prince was!
When Prince was born he was taken from his mother and denied the milk her body had produced for him – this is simply so that his mothers milk could be expressed from her body and sold for human consumption.

Apart from size, Prince is not any different from his smaller and older brother – Jack Russell, Nipper!

Prince & Nipper came together back in 2016 to create our best-selling design – “The Only Difference is Your Perception”

They also have joint social media – they have done a truly amazing job of raising awareness for all species and helping people to make the connection